African Youth in Agriculture

youth enter Africa’s labor market annually.
Youth is defined as people between the ages of
(exclusive) and
By 2020,
out of
Africans will be, on average,
years old.
Youth unemployment rate in sub-Saharan Africa is about 
of youth have a ‘wage job’, while 
work on family farms and
in household enterprises.
At the USD 2.00/day level, the working poverty rate was about
in 2013.

The Africa Agriculture Status Report 2015: Youth in Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa recently published by AGRA asserts that
“The impact of youth involvement and participation in agriculture and food systems will be seen in sustainable economic growth, and in the reduction of poverty and malnutrition across the continent.”

Dr Nteranya Sanginga, Director General of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), served on the Editorial Board of this groundbreaking report, which benefited from the lessons learned with pioneering the IITA Youth Agripreneur (IYA) Program.

The report concludes that The focus should thus be on tapping the dynamism and resourcefulness of youth to establish productive and pro-poor ventures, especially in agriculture, and helping them to create jobs for themselves (and others) within the agriculture value chain. Only by doing this will the potential of a brighter future for Africa be realized.

This is exactly what Youth Agripreneurship is about. Please explore this website to find out how this can be done!

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