The Kenya group is known as the Kibwezi Hortipreneurs Youth Group and it was formed in March 2015. It conducts irrigated vegetable farming in semi-arid east Kenya at the University of Nairobi Dryland Research Station. It started with 12 members (58% women). Its location is remote, lacking mobile phone and internet coverage, and even potable water, but the drip-irrigated growing conditions at Kibwezi are excellent and the farm is near the Mombasa-Nairobi commercial corridor. The group grows mixed vegetable in its 1700m2 greenhouses and fish ponds and fish feed production as well. It has assembled a strong group of mentors from commercial interests, other commercial farms and researchers, and received training in marketing, greenhouse production and seedling operations.

Some of its important innovations include the development of fish pond aeration and feeding systems, seed and vegetative propagation of large numbers of hybrid vegetables, and accessing top-end tomato markets.