Empowering Sierra Leone’s Agricultural Future: IITA’s Transformative Initiatives through the ENABLE TAAT Project

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) has reinforced its commitment to fostering agricultural progress in Sierra Leone through a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture. The Memorandum of Understanding, signed by Dr. Simeon Ehui, IITA’s Director-General, and CGIAR Director for Africa, and Hon Henry Musa Kpaka, Sierra Leone’s Minister of Agriculture, signifies a […]

Empowering Malawi’s youth through agricultural innovation: The AIYAP II Collaboration

In implementing the Agricultural Infrastructure and Youth in Agribusiness Project (AIYAP II) in Malawi, the African Development Bank (AfDB) is collaborating with the Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) and ENABLE TAAT. The AIYAP project is on the mission to fight food insecurity and youth unemployment by improving irrigation. Recently, a team from the AfDB,[…..]

Fostering sustainable soybean seed production in Zambia

A group of young people who participated in the ENABLE TAAT Pass-It-On Seed Initiative in Zambia have produced a remarkable yield of 8.5 tonnes of improved soybean seeds. This initiative offers technical assistance and monitoring to the trainees, ensuring that the soybean seeds meet quality standards and thus improve their marketability. After receiving intensive training,[…..]

Smart Irrigation Revolutionizes Agriculture

In the heart of a resilient community, three young visionaries, Yvonne, Mostern, and Golden, embarked on a journey that reshaped not just their lives but also the agricultural landscape of their region. Fueled by determination and guided by the insights gained from the ENABLE-TAAT Project, they revolutionized their vegetable business, transitioning from traditional farming methods[…..]

ENABLE TAAT: Empowering Youth with Green Skills

In celebration of International Youth Day, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), in collaboration with the African-Asia Youth Foundation Organisation (AAYFO), African Youth Transformation (AYT), and Ubungo Municipal, convened a pre-event on August 10th and 11th. With the theme “Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World”, the event fostered dialogue among 201 participants[…..]

Ghosheni Group: A Youth Agribusiness Triumph with ENABLE TAAT

The Ghosheni Group in Tanzania have tapped into the soft scheme loan offered by the Municipal Authorities to expand their agribusiness enterprises. The loan, which is worth about $37,000, has enabled the Ghosheni Group to introduce modernized poultry system in Tanzania. The Ghosheni Group, a spin-off of the ENABLE-TAAT project in Tanzania, benefitted from the[…..]

ENABLE TAAT Transforming Lives Through Partnership: Elijah Mutinda’s Agricultural Journey

Promoting sustainable farming in Kibwezi In Kibwezi, Elijah Mutinda has turned his agricultural aspirations into reality through unwavering commitment and the support of transformative programs and partnerships. His journey is a testament to the power of innovation, resilience, and community empowerment within the agricultural landscape. Elijah’s journey in agriculture was significantly refined when he participated[…..]

Beneficiary gets a $1,300 Danish foundation grant as project creates jobs, links young people to funding programs in Uganda

Youth and farmers in Uganda are gaining valuable entrepreneurial skills and market and industry linkages through the ENABLE TAAT project in the East African country. The project recently registered 35 enterprises established in Mbarara, Kyotera, Ibanda, and Mukono, and consequently got 35 people employed. The project is collaborating with various stakeholders to empower young people[…..]

ENABLE TAAT to Explore Somali Agriculture to Empower Youths in Agribusiness

The ENABLE TAAT and the sorghum commodity compact are exploring partnership opportunities with the government of Somalia on youth engagement in agriculture and the dissemination of appropriate technologies on sorghum. The team, led by the ENABLE TAAT coordinator, Noel Mulinganya, conducted an ecosystem mapping of the agriculture sector for an in-depth understanding and guidance in[…..]

Youth Aquaculture Enterprise in Zambia demonstrates profitability

The youth compact of the Technologies of African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) has a mandate to promote economic power among youth in Africa. This is does by exposing youth to agribusiness value chains and various profitability mechanisms. In Zambia, the compact, also called ENABLE-TAAT, has recorded a recurring success among the youth that are making a[…..]