Empowering Africa’s agricultural future: ENABLE TAAT Compact’s impact in Sierra Leone

In the heart of bustling African countries, TAAT has emerged as a beacon of hope for the continent’s youth. With a mission to empower and uplift through innovative technology in agriculture, TAAT, under the ENABLE TAAT Compact, is bridging the gap between traditional farming practices and modern techniques, paving way for a more sustainable and prosperous future.
The ENABLE TAAT Compact is making a positive impact extending new technologies from different TAAT compacts to the youths in Africa, building their capacities in entrepreneurship, business management skills, and business plan development.
A survey of approximately 100 beneficiaries of a training program organized in collaboration with the SLARiS project, shows testimonials from the ENABLE TAAT Compact’s transformative influence.
The young beneficiaries who were once unsure of their paths now showed a newfound sense of purpose as provided by their feedback.


Their feedback reflects a sense of empowerment, with an overwhelming majority citing the training’s impact. A staggering 91% acknowledged the mindset change orientation as a pivotal catalyst for their positive transformation. Additionally, 84% reported a substantial increase in their understanding of entrepreneurship and business management, while 86% expressed newfound proficiency in marketing strategies. Furthermore, 83% gained valuable insights into the operation of Agribusiness parks, cluster farming operations, and the crucial role of cooperatives in agricultural success.
The unanimous consensus among 97% of respondents highlighted the relevance of the comprehensive training package provided by the ENABLE TAAT Compact, emphasizing its necessity at this pivotal juncture in their lives.

Within the borders of Sierra Leone, the prospect of a more prosperous future looms large, driven by the fervor and resolve of a generation emboldened by the ENABLE TAAT Compact. This transformative is reshaping the narrative of African agriculture, instilling hope and optimism for a brighter future.


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