Spotlight on the Youth enterprise in Kenya

Vigena Aquatic Blue Enterprise Limited (V-Aquatic Blue Ltd), owned by young experts trained under ENABLE-TAAT incubation and agribusiness park programs, is hoisting the flag of youth agripreneurship in West Kenya. The enterprise was established under the registrar of the Companies Act of Kenya to provide consultancy and extension services in the aquaculture sector.

The young people have been able to display rich knowledge, skills and experience in aquaculture and aquatic sciences, an experience which they gained from academic endeavors and fish value-chain training by ENABLE-TAAT.

After their participating in ENABLE-TAAT aquaculture training in 2018, V-Aquatic Blue has successfully carried out projects on pond construction, cage construction and management, such as construction and installation of cages in Mwer Dam and Lake Kanyaboli, Siaya County, Kenya.

In addition, the company has collaborated with ENABLE-TAAT to carry out several agribusiness incubation programs and mentorship of more than 300 youths on the aquaculture value chain. They have also carried out client-specific training sessions to individual farmers and farmer groups in West Kenya.

Currently, the enterprise is extending its reach by collaborating with individuals and organizations from the private and public sectors. Through these collaborations, they are identifying gaps and providing services that will help to close the gap in the aquaculture sector and increase the productivity within the sector.


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