Chief Obasanjo vows to support youth in agribusiness revolution

The former Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has reiterated his commitment to work with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) to expand the youth in agribusiness initiatives.
Chief Obasanjo stated this during IITA’s visit to his office in Abeokuta as a follow-up on the recommended action points during his participation at the Agribusiness Investment forum organized in June 2023.
Highlighting the issues, Chief Obasanjo who is IITA’s Goodwill Ambassador, regretted that society glamorizes trivial matters and overlooks the value of agriculture. He stressed the urgent need to provide compelling reasons for young people to embrace agribusiness. He emphasized the showcasing of the advantages of modern equipment, efficient production, and cutting-edge technology, stating that it is crucial to view agriculture as a business rather than a development concern.
The ex-president suggested that IITA organize a workshop involving high-level stakeholders and youth representatives with the view of setting up an agribusiness investment fund. He said the workshop should explore how to make agriculture attractive to the youth and provide insight into what they can offer and what they can gain.
He also emphasized the importance of considering small-scale farmers in any initiative promoting agricultural industrialization, food security, and sustainability in Africa.
His words: “We need to know what the youth really need, and I will advise you to gather 15 or so people to channel a way forward. They need to be involved in this discussion. Also, policymakers and other stakeholders should be involved.”


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