Secure an Enabling Environment for youth engagement

This is one of the strengths of the organization. Advocacy and resource mobilization by and for youth is an important component to secure an Enabling Environment for youth engagement. An Enabling Environment is largely achieved through public information campaigns conducted at all levels from government to grassroots’ fora. These information campaigns are multi-dimensional, including mass media, social IT media, contests and awards for outstanding achievement, local youth rallies, and national and regional youth congresses. Advocacy requires policy analysis that identifies the right climate that allows youth-led agribusinesses to flourish.

This effort takes stock of what is on the ground and stimulates understanding of external factors that facilitate business establishment by youth; access to financing, labor laws, taxation and other important factors. Other services include fundraising, youth outreach, and partnership management. Many well-meaning organizations are looking for a partnership with youth, but until now did not know how to find it.