Enable TAAT Records Success at Ankole

As a result of the ENABLE TAAT project’s intervention in Uganda, youth and farmers have gained valuable entrepreneurial skills, networked with industry experts, and also established farmers to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing. The project has registered thirty-five businesses, which were established in Mbarara, Kyotera, Ibanda, and Mukono, and are focused on dairy production, goat fattening, swine production, poultry production, seed bulking, and crop production.

Due to the establishment of these businesses, at least thirty young people became gainfully employed across these locations. Moreover, they contribute to the local economy by increasing agricultural productivity and diversifying the region’s agricultural sector. Additionally, the Enable TAAT team continues to provide support and mentorship to these new agribusiness ventures, ensuring their long-term success and sustainability.

Interestingly, one of the youths, Kalyango Achilles, received a grant of $1,385.00 from a Danish Foundation to promote his organic fertilizer company, Maxima Organic Fertiliser Products. Kalyango’s grant allowed him to purchase the supplies and equipment his business required. In addition, sixty young entrepreneurs were able to access the capital they needed to launch their businesses and contribute to the local economy, with the support of Equity Bank Ltd., Uganda. The support from the Danish Foundation and Equity Bank Ltd. demonstrates the significance of collaboration between different stakeholders in empowering young people to become successful entrepreneurs.

The success of these young entrepreneurs will not only benefit their own businesses but also inspire other young people in the region to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. This ripple effect will further contribute to the community’s overall economic growth and development. Moreover, the success of these agribusiness enterprises is a testament to the impact of Enable TAAT’s training and advocacy initiatives, which will continue to drive agribusiness development in the region.

A beneficiary wholeheartedly embracing agribusiness as she reaps profits from her livestock farming endeavours  Goat rearing at Seth's farm in the Western Region


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