ENABLE-TAAT presents ‘modern agribusiness’ to Awe youth and farmers

One of the objectives of ENABLE-TAAT is to reach out to farming communities to demonstrate modern agricultural technologies that are available, so that indigenes can imbibe them to improve their livelihood and well-being. Thus, on 27 April, ENABLE-TAAT hosted Awe community and neighboring villages in an Open Day event that took place at Oyo state-IITA Youth Agribusiness Park Center, Awe.
The Open Day event was an avenue to display the strength of the youth enablers and facilitate interaction between rural farmers and experts in various commodities, including cassava and aquaculture.

IITA Women group at the exhibition stand

The highlight of the event was testimonies of prosperity in agribusiness shared by young beneficiaries of ENABLE-TAAT who are now enterprise owners. While presenting their products, all the youth emphasized that agribusiness has become their source of livelihood. Not only do they make some income from their agribusiness enterprises, but they are also employing other youth.

Exhibition and sale of quality agricultural products was an interesting moment for all the participants as they went from table to table, asking questions and purchasing quality planting materials. The exhibitors and commodity experts shared innovative ideas that can yield more income for rural farmers.


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