ENABLE-TAAT launches demo fields at 12 NYSC Orientation camps

In line with its objective to provide agribusiness support to youth, ENABLE-TAAT has established agribusiness demonstration farms at 12 orientation camps of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Nigeria. This initiative was a response to the call of the youth whose interest was stimulated after benefiting from the compact’s agribusiness sensitization in March, May, August and September.

The agribusiness sensitization effort has reached more than 30,000 youth in Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Ekiti, Ondo, Nasarawa, Delta, Imo, Abuja, Kwara, Rivers and Lagos states, with many youth showing interest to participate in free trainings conducted by the youth compact.

In August, the compact presented cassava stems and maize seeds to each camp to facilitate the establishment of demonstration farms. Currently, 12 demo fields have been established with the name ‘ENABLE-TAAT/NYSC Demonstration Farms’ in Nigeria.

The significance of this activity hinges on the yearning of the youth to have an ‘agribusiness park’ where they get practical experience, and access to modern technologies that will be deployed on the fields.

To support this initiative, the Director General of NYSC, Brig. Gen. Shuaibu Ibrahim, has called for a symposium to train assigned agribusiness staff and interested youth on best management practices, as well as monthly progress reports from respective NYSC State Coordinators on the activities at each park.

Nigeria’s NYSC scheme is a one-year mandatory program for new graduates that primarily inculcates the spirit of selfless service, oneness, and brotherhood among the youth, beyond their cultural or social background. The scheme is often the youth’s first call to professional service upon graduation.

ENABLE-TAAT compact is implemented by the Youth in Agribusiness unit of IITA.  The compact is standing by its mandate to equip the youth with modern agricultural technologies in nine commodity value chains, while offering them the opportunity to become self-employed and employers of labor.


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