STEP-Oyo project commenced on August 19, 2020 and operates in 6 schools in Oyo state, for the period of three years involving three conservative phases. The first phase involves delivering of agribusiness training to the students in two schools; Bishop Philips Academy (BPA) and Methodist High schools (MHS) which are both in the state’s capital, Ibadan.

The students are taught the agricultural value chain through different enterprises; crop production and mechanization, livestock production, value addition (food processing) and ICT.  Students in Crop production and Mechanization enterprise at Methodist High School harvest their vegetables which they plant themselves and they sell them to the school teachers and community around them which helps them understand agribusiness better.

The Value addition enterprise at Bishop Philips Academy makes products like tidbits, chin chin, doughnut which they give to food vendors at their schools to help with marketing their products.

The Livestock enterprises at Bishop Philips Academy and Methodist High School rear catfishes which they have been able to harvest the matured ones recently. The catfishes were sold to some of the teachers while majority were purchased by a catfish supplier which helps the students to build their market network.

STEP also engages the students in science laboratory practical which helps the students in preparation for their external examinations. The Laboratory enterprise students are not left out in the agribusiness benefits, they are taught how to make liquid soap and hand sanitizers which they sell and make gain.



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