I-Youth Agripark Initiative Thrives

The Agribusiness Park Initiative is strongly helping I-Youth Project beneficiaries through a six-month transformative entrepreneurial program focused on experiential learning within clustered agribusinesses. The initiative is empowering the beneficiaries with tangible support, offering them access to essential resources such as space and agricultural inputs, as well as mentorship.

The park provides opportunities for beneficiaries to learn from the challenges encountered by seasoned farmers and agricultural experts who serve as mentors. It also provides affordable financing options to help beneficiaries scale their operations and ensure long-term sustainability.

One of the beneficiaries, Mr. Timothy Brose Semasa, who also serves as the Chairman of the Community Development Association in Ogologbo, Badagry West, Lagos, said he got interested in the Agripark initiative in order to build upon the knowledge he acquired during the training.

“My group members and I are currently involved in the fish business”, he says “We intend to leverage the Agripark for our initial production, cultivate a loyal customer base, and access neighboring markets before transitioning to a permanent site. This strategy ensures we do not incur losses due to a lack of market demand.”

Elaborating on the proactive approach they deploy, he says, “We have been engaging with women at the fish market in Agbalanta, Badagry, and have also reached agreements with fish buyers at Owode Apa Badagry Market. Fish farming is a promising enterprise, characterized by consistent demand and profit potential, as people will always eat fish. In our pursuit of long-term sustainability, my group members and I are actively exploring opportunities for support, including access to financial linkage and favorable loan rates.”



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