Pioneer set in Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Agribusiness matriculate

The pioneer students for the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Agribusiness at the University of Ibadan School of Business (UISB) matriculated on Saturday, 22 July for the 2016/2017 academic session. The MBA program which has some members of IITA Youth Agripreneurs as it pioneer students was established in partnership with IITA based on the institution’s vast experience in agribusiness.

IITA, which currently runs a youth-in-agribusiness program in different locations within and outside Nigeria, will be providing first-hand experience and skills to candidates enrolled in the MBA under its Business Incubation Platform (BIP) in Ibadan. Through this, BIP will be offering agribusiness support and technical advice along the agricultural value chains to agribusinesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups.

IITA also offers an enabling environment for the students to carry out case studies and hands-on, practical internships on agribusiness. Agribusiness experts with many years of practical experience in the field and industry will also be serving as mentors. Some of the scientists and experts in IITA have started tutoring the students on the technical know-how of agribusiness. The MBA in Agribusiness was introduced as part of the programs offered by the UISB in response to the paradigm shift in the agriculture sector becoming a sector of economic opportunity for all.

IITA’s youth-in-agribusiness model and the Business Incubation Platform also serve as motivating factors for the institution. The MBA in Agribusiness is a two-year program.