IITA Youth Agripreneurs, Abuja diversifies into grasscutter farming

The drive to attain wealth and self-sufficiency in meat and animal products calls for the total exploitation of all potential sources of animal protein. The Youth Agripreneurs in Abuja in a bid to upscale their activities in the light of the above in order to make more profit have diversified into grasscutter farming. Grasscutter farming, apart from its health benefits is also a lucrative agribusiness enterprise that returns high profit on investment if carefully planned and managed.

The youth embarked on the business after one week training on grasscutter farming facilitated by a leading grass cutter farmer and the Coordinator, Abuja Grasscutter Farmers’ Cooperative and Director of Programme of Action for Health and Rural Development (PHARD) Mr Olusegun Taiwo. abuja story 4The youth have started with 5 grasscutter- 1 male and 4 females with the hope of expanding the business with time. “We saw the need for healthy meat production since grasscutter is rich in protein content, low in cholesterol and a profitable venture.

Furthermore, grasscutters are very prolific as on the average they give birth to 5-9 offspring which means a family of 4 females can give rise to 20 off springs. So it’s the profitability that really propelled us to go into it and we have identified our market through the help of the marketing unit’’ said Victoria Okpachu, the head of livestock unit.