ENABLE Youth Program in Sudan partners with financial institution to seek start-up capital for beneficiaries of the program

The ENABLE Youth program in Sudan has partnered with the Savings and Social Development Bank (SDB) to facilitate access to funds for young Agripreneurs. The partnership will allow the youths to access start-up capital to launch their independent agribusiness enterprises after completing their incubation program. The Minister for Agriculture and Forests, Dr. Abdeltif Ijaimy speaking further on the partnership stated that it would transform agribusinesses noting that access to finance especially for the agriculture sector actor had been a huge challenge in Sudan.
The initiative according to him will contribute to the country’s agenda to achieve the SDGs and reduce the high unemployment rate in Sudan. He added that the ENABLE youth program was well aligned to Sudan’s development agenda articulated in the five-year development strategy which is anchored on the commitment to alleviate poverty and integrate young graduates in production cycles to enhance their standard of living and contribute more to the national economy.
The Bank is committed to providing financial literacy sessions to the youth as well as developing favorable financial lending opportunities for agripreneurs. The financing model adopted between the two institutions will further be replicated in other states to create massive community economic transformation.
…visits IYA on a familiarization visit and induction
In the same vein, as Sudan prepares for the full implementation of the ENABLE Youth Program, some selected National Project Coordination Unit officers (NPCU) will be visiting IITA headquarters in Ibadan for an induction and familiarization training of the IITA Youth Agripreneurs incubation model.
During the visit/training, which is slated to hold between 26-30th of March, IYA is expected to share its operational guidelines and experience on how it has successfully run incubation centers in Nigeria and other locations across Africa.
To achieve this, NPCU will work with IYA’s capacity development unit in order to get a clear picture of the 18 months incubation cycle, which starts from mindset change activities to enterprise selection and development training, as well as business development and management trainings. IYA’s capacity development unit will highlight the effort made in enhancing the skills of the incubatees on business plan development and access to loans to facilitate the establishment of independent agribusiness enterprises.
The Sudanese team will also be taken through the some framework and tools that will facilitate the monitoring and evaluation activities of the project.
To evaluate the impact of the incubation model of IYA, the NPCU officers will also visit the independent enterprises established by the youths who were trained at the incubation center.
Among the enterprises to visit are Frotchery Farms, GraceVine, and Top Notch Poultry located in Ibadan, Oyo State.