Training of youth during agribusiness incubation covers both agricultural production and agribusiness skills.

Training in production is both group and site specific, depending upon which enterprises the groups intend to pursue. Production training tends to be organised by the groups themselves and is conducted through site visits by IITA Technical Advisers with commercial contractors, as when greenhouses are constructed or irrigation systems installed. More universal and formalized training is provided in agribusiness skills.

To a large extent, the Youth Agripreneurs Group interns are versed in agricultural production skills, especially those graduated from Faculties of Agriculture, but they lack realistic training in marketing and entrepreneurship. IITA has developed a curriculum in agribusiness training that is being formalized into a suite of training materials. The elements of this training fall into nine topics and accompanying subtopics as follows.

  1. Agripreneurial perspectives: creativity and innovation, opportunity analysis, team work and leadership, rural transformation.
  2. Developing a business model: creative value, crafting business models, value chain innovations, new experimentation.
  3. Discovering the customer: customer segments and archetypes, value propositions, product features.
  4. Customer analysis: start-up environment, product fit and refinement, market traction, scaling sales to demand.
  5. Commercialization strategies: value chain positioning, judging commercial potential, commercial due intelligence.
  6. Feasibility assessment: industry knowledge, demand conditions, product lifecycle, competitive advantage.
  7. Creating a marketing strategy: marketing mix, promotion and placement, pricing and sales forecasting, intellectual property considerations, direct and channels sales.
  8. Business plan preparation and case presentation: defining the business plan, authoring the business plan, keys to growth, conveying business propositions.
  9. Financing start-ups: early sources of capital, start-up financial issues, identifying investors, legal framework for investment, negotiation with investors.
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