This enterprise focuses on Tidbits (cassava and cowpea flour), Soymilk (soybean), and Gari (cassava).

This enterprise seizes opportunities in the entire value chain of all the commodities produced by other enterprises. The Processing enterprise also brands and promotes market access for the produce. At intervals, it is the responsibility of this enterprise to embark on campaigns to boost confidence, and expand and forge strategic alliances with existing and potential clients.

Soymilk produced by the Processing team has about the same amount of protein as cow milk. It can replace animal protein and other sources of dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals.

This enterprise has grown with the production of soymilk, which is the value addition of soybean.

Tidbit is a crunchy snack made from cowpea and vitamin A cassava flour. It is highly nutritious. It comes in different kinds of spices- ginger, pepper and onions. The snack is suitable for tea breaks during seminars, conferences and workshops. The production of the snack initially started on a small scale but the production has increased and it is now available at supermarkets and local stores within the south western region of the country.

Tidbit is a crunchy snack (a mixture of cassava flour and cowpea).

Gari is one of the secondary products derived from cassava. IYA identified this value addition enterprise as a viable means of generating income after a sustainable cassava production sequence which started in 2014. The group currently produces 1 tonne of gari weekly but focuses rather on supply based on demand.

The enterprise is expected to expand by venturing into catfish smoking very soon.