Key issues: Mobilizing youth in agriculture and scaling up Public Private Partnrships in the new CRPII portfolio in CGIAR’s new Strategy and Results Framework (SRF)

F or the workshop on ‘Youth in Agriculture’, IITA has developed a number of interesting activities, including its Youth Agripreneur Program, so IITA in partnership with the African Development Bank and the CGIAR Consortium will lead this activity, which will have a first meeting 8-9th September 2015 in Montpellier and a planned follow-up meeting in April 2016 at the African Development Bank.

This workshop intends to define the key issues to be addressed and to explore and identify good approaches to promoting youth engagement, employment and enterprise that can be integrated into the work of CGIAR. Through learning from internal and external experiences and ideas, the workshop will define realistic outcomes, priorities and activities as well as identifying necessary partnerships.

When: 8-9th September 2015
Where: CGIAR Consortium Office, Montpellier, France

F or the workshop on ‘Linking Public Goods with Private Interests to Scale Up Agricultural Innovations and Impact’, the Netherlands Ministries of Foreign and Economic Affairs kindly offered to convene a meeting on 21st September 2015 in the Hague. The World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF), which has a wide variety of private sector initiatives, will co-organize the meeting with the Netherlands and the Consortium.

There is largely a sub-optimal relationship between CGIAR and Private Sector actors, and this situation applies across the spectrum from multinational corporations to national companies to local entrepreneurs. To help address this disconnect a workshop is planned to enable the Private Sector engage more meaningfully with the CGIAR and its partners through: (i) creating deeper understanding and common language; (ii) building increased trust; (iii) better aligning of aspirations; and (iv) identifying priority opportunities for action. The joint focus envisaged here is particularly with small-holder agriculture and its associated supply chains in the developing world, and with delivering impact at scale.

When: 21st September 2015
Where: The Hague, The Netherlands